Tutorial: Tie Collar

Alright, as promised, here’s the tutorial on how to make your own tie collar.  The pictures turned out kind of dark because it was overcast today so there wasn’t much light in our apartment, but I think you can see them well enough to be able to make one yourself :)

Step 1: Choose Your Victim

So first things first, choose your intended scarf and loop it around your neck.  Let it gently follow the collar of your v-neck shirt so you can tell how much of the small tail you’ll need to leave to be able to tuck under the larger end.  Then start making little looped pouches.  I used my finger as a gauge for their thickness so they all came out about the same, or your can just eyeball it and adjust the ruffles as needed.  Pin as you go.

Front and Back View of the Pinned Ruffles

Once you have them all pinned carefully lay the tie around your neck to make sure that you like the length and the curve of the tie.  Add or remove ruffles as needed.

Pinned and Ready to Sew

After you have pinned the ruffles and are satisfied with the look of your tie, go ahead and carefully sew along the edge.  Go very slowly as your machine may have some trouble with the thick folds.  As you can see above I allowed my tie to curve a bit, I did this to give it more of a tie-necklace look.  To do this just make the fold more like a triangle than a square and allow the curve to happen on its own.

Carefully Sew Along the Edg

Once you have the first edge sewn, remove the pins and try on your necklace.  If you want you can leave it at this stage with only one edge sewn, I found that I didn’t like how far the ruffles stuck out, so I sewed the other edge down also to create a more streamlined look.

Tie Collar with Just One Side Sewn

Before I sewed the other edge I pinned down these ruffles as well, being very careful to continue the curve.  I had a harder time sewing this edge because I started at the thick end and worked towards the skinny end of the tie.  If you do it that way (because it’s easier to help form the ruffles) just make sure you go very slow and push the folds that are underneath into the path of the needle; make sure they don’t bunch up!

Finished Tie Collar

Well there you go folks!  Hope this tutorial was helpful and the you could see the pictures well enough.  If you have any questions about how to make your own tie collar please let me know.  And if you’d like to check out a great tutorial on how to sew the tie directly to a t-shirt check out McKell’s Closet.  She made a really great post about sewing the tie directly to a v-neck t-shirt and the tie’s and t-shirts she chose were super cute and might give you some more ideas on contrasting your tie and t-shirt.


Three New Ways to Wear a Tie (Part 3)

How to Wear a Tie…

Use #3: A Collar

Now this last way of wearing a tie takes a little more effort than the other two and requires a sewing machine, but I was surprised with how easy it was to make and how cute it looked!  I origianlly heared about this new style from my grandmother when she stopped by to visit us.  She had told me over the phone how people were turning vintage ties into a type a ruffled collar/necklace and then selling them at flea markets for $25 (can you believe that!?).  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when she showed them to me I was pleasently surprised at how cute they were and instantly started thinking of ways that I could wear them.  I didn’t get much chance to play with them, but my grandmother kindly left me a few of the ties she had gathered so I could try this look out for myself.  But in the midst of finals week and the beginning of summer I completely forgot about trying this new idea until I ran across a photo on pintrest that jogged my memory and reminded me of my original intent to figure out how to master this tie-collar look.  So here is the finished product;

I chose this tie because it was rather thick and made out of a silk material, so it wasn’t very good for head bands…And honestly I never really wear pink, so I didn’t have anything to wear it as a headband with!  I really like the way it turned out though, it makes a very cute statement piece.  I chose not to sew it onto my shirt as I have seen other people do, as I don’t have many spare v-neck shirts; I use all of mine for layering purposes and didn’t want to add something that couldn’t be removed.  So I just sewed the ruffles and then pinned it to my shirt.  That way I can take it off whenever I want to or wear other colors!

I loved how adding this little collar totally dressed up a plain t-shirt.  I don’t often wear t-shirts alone as I feel they look rather plain, but doing it this was made it classy and able to stand on it’s own.  With a pair of cute earrings and a fun hairstlye this t-shirt is totally date-night worthy.  And better yet my husband actually approved of this shirt!  He doesn’t always go along with the strange outfits/D.I.Y’s that I come up with, but he really like how this tie-collar looked.  So although this way takes a bit more work than the others, it’s totally worth it!  I can’t wait to wear this back to school in the fall!

Coming Up on Thursday: D.I.Y. Tie-Collar; you didn’t think I was just going to show it to you and not tell you how to do it did you?

Three New Ways to Tie a Tie (Part 2)

How to Wear a Tie…

Use #2: Wear it as a Belt

Continuing my lovely mini saga on ties, today’s idea is to use a tie (or two) as a belt.  As I have been steadily collecting ties to use as headbands, I often wondered what other ways I could be using them.  Obviously I wasn’t going to wear them; I tried that look and felt rather silly all day.  My husband wasn’t exactly keen on the wildly patterned ties I was choosing, so obviously he wasn’t going to wear them, so how else could I wear them?

Belts have been in for some time now and I absolutely love them!  They are the perfect accessory to almost ever outfit.  The only problem I have with belts is often times they’re pretty expensive to buy.  I’ve noticed most people only have 2 or 3 in their wardrobe, probably mainly due to cost.  When I was experimenting with a plain dress I had one day, I noticed that a few of my ties would go great with the dress, so I set about to figure out ways to wear a tie as a belt.

Way #1: Simple Wrap Around

The first (most obvious) way to wear it as a belt would be simply to wrap it around and secure it in back.  I manipulated the sides a little to make the smaller side look wider just like I did with the headband.  Or I thought about using a pin or a brooch to ruche the large side a bit; it could be a really cute way to add something vintage or sparkly to your look.  So obviously this is a simple, yet cute way to add a little pop of color and pattern to your outfit.

Way #2: A Bow-tie. Get it? Bow; tie?….Eh….Nevermind.

So the second way that I fashioned a belt out of my ties was using them to create a bow.  Now of course for this look you’ll want two similarly colored ties, or if you have more eclectic style you can go with two contrasting ties.  All I did to achieve this sweet bow was lay one tie facedown on the floor, put the other tie face up on top of it and used a small pin to secure them together in the middle.  The best part about this is you can make this belt as long or short as you want to by sliding the ties in opposite directions and then pinning.  I chose to wear my bow in the front, but you could also wear it in the back, or choose not to tie it in a bow.  Also I thought about twisting the strings as I wrapped it around my waist so that you would be able to see both the ties at once.  That would work really well if you chose to use two very contrasting ties, then you’d be able to see both.

Coming Up: Give an old shirt a new look with the help of a pretty tie collar!

Three New Ways to Tie a Tie

How to Wear a Tie…

Use #1: A Headband

I’m always looking for a new take on things, I love changing things up and not using items for their intended purpose.  About two years ago, when shopping at a local thrift store, I ran across the cutest tie…But of course, what the heck would I ever use a tie for?  As I sat and gazed at it, I suddenly wondered if I could wear it as a headband.  I wasn’t sure how it would look, but acting on a hunch, I shelled out a whopping 25 cents and was off to try out my idea.

Well, it paid off (I mean of course ALL my idea always pay off…*cough-cough*…Okay, not so much…But this one did!), and since then I’ve been slowly collecting ties and using them as headbands.  Most of the time ties are very cheap, usually a dollar or under and they have so many different patterns and colors; they usually end up being the personality piece for my outfit!  And I’ve gotten great responses from people whenever I wear them.  Most people realize I’m wearing a tie and then go on and on about how cute and creative it is, I’m sure I’m not the first person to figure this out, but all the same I appreciate it :)

Front and Back View

Tie-Headbands are especially perfect for bad hair days.  On the mornings when my hair refuses to play nice, I often choose a messy bun and a tie.  It’s a simple way to turn my unruly hair into a really cute fashion statement.  And like I said before, there is no shortage of colors or patterns.  I have found some of the most beautiful ties that really compliment and add color to my outfits.

Now I’m not going to go into details about how to tie it on your head, because I hope you can figure that out yourself ;)  But if you don’t like having one end wide and the other skinny try laying the two skinny sides right next to each other to create the illusion of a wider band (like in the photo above).  Or your can try folding over the thick side just a bit, I usually find that this makes it too bulky on my head though; and really, the point isn’t to hide that you’re wearing a tie on your head.  Most people will figure it out anyways.  And besides, the uneven look gives it a laid-back feel that I really like.

Try wearing your hair different ways.  I’ve even worn my hair down using a tie as my headband; just buy a few ties (or steal one from your husbands closet) and get creative!  There are plenty of styles just waiting to be discovered!

Coming Up: Using a Tie as a Belt